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Chicago, IL Podiatrist Explains Footballer’s Ankle

Footballer’s Ankle by Dr. Jeff Baker, DPM, FACFAS

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As I write this post I am watching Euro 2012, the soccer tournament played every 4 years to determine the Champion of the European Nations.  Soccer is a passion of mine as played varsity soccer in College at Northeastern University in Boston and continue to play several times per week, most notably for the German Club Green White based out of Mt. Prospect.  Soccer is a phenomenal sport combining grace, speed, skill, and stamina and the popularity of the sport has never been greater in the United States than it is now.  As the US National Team is in the midst of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, I decided to write my post about a soccer related injury and what better injury to talk about then Footballer’s Ankle.  Outside of the United States, soccer is referred to as Football.  Footballer’s ankle is the term given to the diagnosis of anterior impingement of the ankle as this condition is commonly seen in soccer players secondary to repetitive kicking.  The repetitive kicking motion creates bone spurs to the front of the ankle.  The body’s natural reaction to excessive pressure on bone is to create new bone, in this case ankle bone spurs.  The bone spurs develop on the bones on both sides of the ankle, the tibia and talus.  Over time the spurs impinge, or pinch, the surrounding soft tissue structures causing pain and inflammation.  The non-surgical treatment options for Footballer’s ankle include the use of ice, anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, or a cortisone injection.  Should these measures fail, surgical management is performed in the form of an ankle arthroscopy.  An ankle arthroscopy is using a small camera and shaver device to “clean up” the ankle joint through a few tiny incisions.  The procedure removes scar tissue from the ankle and the associated bone spurs.  After surgery patients use a walking boot for 2 weeks and start physical therapy within days after the procedure allowing Footballer’s to return to scoring goals as soon as possible.


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